In 2021, the 3rd Huacai accounting pilot plan starts: reshape the starting point, concentrate on moving forward!


On June 4, 2021, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Huacai accounting, Huacai accounting Co., Ltd. held a sharing and exchange meeting on the third Huacai accounting pilot plan in Beijing headquarters. Wang Jiuli, chairman of Huacai accounting Co., Ltd., and sun Limei, President of Huacai accounting Co., Ltd., and leaders of branches and subsidiaries attended the meeting.

As a special plan to train the key accounting staff of Huacai, the pilot plan provides every key staff with the ability from the perspective of industry and career development every year. This year's Huacai accounting pilot plan takes "reshaping the starting point" as the core, explores the transformation road of the finance and taxation industry, and leads the backbone staff of Huacai to a new stage of personal career development.


Master gathering, know yourself and know your enemy

Sun Limei, President of Huacai accounting, launched the third Huacai accounting pilot plan, made an opening speech and pointed out the main objectives of the pilot plan.

Li Chen, assistant to the president of Huacai accounting, introduced the tutor group of the conference and played the game of "ice breaking action" to speed up the mutual understanding of leaders of subsidiaries.

In the "ice breaking operation" game, the leaders of branches and subsidiaries enthusiastically introduced themselves, understood and communicated with each other, and expected the main contents of this conference.

Analyze the current situation and adjust the strategy

Zha Rui, the person in charge of Huacai accounting small enterprise customer plate (integration), analyzed and explained the new situation of the agent account industry, and provided the marketing ideas for the students to obtain customers in large scale.

He pointed out that as the backbone of the accounting agent industry of Huacai, we should be clear about our positioning. At present, we should be silent, follower or leader? To self diagnosis, according to the different state, carry out "symptomatic action".

Two things need to be done for the development of different agency companies: one is to improve the efficiency through internal process carding;Second, the marketing channels to obtain customers are sorted out to expand the number of effective customers.

At present, many agent companies have the problem of too many staff and low efficiency. The first thing to do is Reasonable adjustment of the organizational structure, reduce costs and increase efficiency, improve work efficiency.

At the same time, many agency companies have single service items and low customer price, and most of their overall revenue has been promoted, Expanding service items and transforming high-end business is the general trend and the only way for growth.

In the future, if you want to be invincible in the agency industry, you need to keep in mind the core "professional and service" and implement it deeply "Reducing burden and increasing efficiency, in-depth implementation, focusing on advantages, breakthrough and innovation" 16 character policy.

Keep pace with the times and innovate service

Wang Jiuli, chairman of Huacai accounting, analyzed the current situation of Finance and taxation industry, and made clear the next task of Huacai accounting development.

Wang Jiuli pointed out that Huacai accounting should steadily promote "professional service online, communication coordination and localization".Keep pace with the times, Using new tools, reengineering new processes, providing customers with new experience after transformation and upgrading, and creating new value of Huacai accounting pilot plan.

Focus on data, clear goals

In the era of big data, data analysis is an important link in the steady development of every enterprise, Through data analysis, customer analysis, combined with data to adjust marketing strategy remodeling is the long-term way for enterprise development.

The leaders of each branch company participating in the conference analyzed the business data and self analyzed their own business, and expressed their opinions for the next step of business development.

Yang Mengyi, Li Qingyuan, Hu Yunpeng, Zha Rui, Li Chen and Wang Yin, senior leaders of Huacai accounting, as the tutor group of this conference, combined with the analysis and suggestions of the branch leaders, discussed and determined the positioning of the branch and submitted the next development goals, Reshape the starting point and concentrate on moving forward.

Advantages of Huacai

Industry leader
The first financial and taxation service agency landing on the new third board and the first fiscal and taxation platform providing online services
Qualification certification
It has the agency license issued by the Finance Bureau, the national high-tech enterprises, and the 5A level certification of the accounting agency of the general association of China
23 years of industry experience
300 + professional service staff, 20000 + customer service experience
ISO certification information security
Through the international ISO27001 information security management system standard certification
ISO certification standard management
Through the international ISO9001 quality management system certification
Service capability
The scope of service covers hot cities and hot areas