From August 1, the comprehensive tax declaration will be further expanded!


Since August 1, this year, taxpayers should complete the declaration of urban maintenance and construction tax, education surcharges and local education surcharges when declaring value-added tax and consumption tax.

According to the State Administration of taxation This integration refers to the integration of VAT tax return (for general taxpayers), VAT tax return (for small-scale taxpayers) and its attached materials, VAT prepayment tax form and consumption tax return form respectively with the urban maintenance and construction tax education surcharge local education surcharge declaration formDeclaration form of value added tax and additional tax (applicable to general taxpayers), declaration form of value added tax and additional tax (applicable to small-scale taxpayers), prepayment form of value added tax and additional tax and its attached materials and declaration form of consumption tax and additional tax.

The specific operation process is as follows: after the taxpayer fills in the VAT and consumption tax related declaration information, it will be automatically brought into the attached information of additional tax (attached table);After completing the additional tax declaration information, it returns to the VAT and consumption tax declaration main table, thus forming the VAT, consumption tax and additional tax data that taxpayers should pay in the current period.The pre filling of the above information in the form is automatically realized by the system.

After the integration of declaration forms, on the one hand, the tax process is optimized: "one form declaration, collection and management together" will realize the sharing of VAT, consumption tax and additional tax information, improve the declaration efficiency and facilitate the operation of taxpayers;On the other hand, the tax burden has been reduced: the new declaration form can realize the automatic pre filling of existing data, reduce the probability of declaration error, and help to ensure the quality of declaration and timely implementation of preferential policies.

It is reported that the integrated declaration form of main tax and additional tax has been pilot implemented in Hainan, Shaanxi, Dalian, Liaoning and Xiamen, Fujian, and will be implemented from August 1.

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