Huacai accounting won 3.15 advanced unit of consumer protection and national brand of ingenuity


"International Consumer Rights Day" is an important platform to promote the protection of consumer rights and interests.In order to actively cooperate with the implementation of the opinions of the general office of the State Council on accelerating the development of new consumption with new formats and new models (GBF [2020] No. 32), and to create a good consumption environment for promoting the large cycle of domestic economy, the consumer daily will launch the "international consumer rights and interests day" in 2021"New business forms and new models lead new consumption -- 2021 advanced unit for protecting consumers' rights and interests"The publicity activities show a number of advanced units and ingenious brands that attach importance to the rights and interests of consumers and satisfy consumers, so as to lead the development of the industry, guide consumers to choose high-quality service enterprises and products, and create a good consumption atmosphere dominated by economic internal circulation, so as to play a positive role in promoting consumer satisfaction, promoting consumption harmony and protecting consumers' rights and interests.

Beijing Huacai accounting Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Huacai accounting; Stock Code: 830769. OC) won the title of "3.15 advanced unit of consumer protection" and national brand of ingenuity.For the company, this honor is the recognition of the company's persistence in providing high-quality professional financial and tax consulting services for b-end enterprise customers in the past 25 years, and also the expectation for the company to continue to provide high-quality and honest service to customers in the future, and it is also a heavy responsibility.

Over the past 25 years, Huacai has been persisting in the field of financial and taxation services, providing financial and tax solutions for large, medium and small enterprises in China.The first is to provide "all-round" financial and taxation solutions for "small and micro enterprises", including equity design, business registration and business agent, bookkeeping and tax declaration agent, financial and tax policy training, etc.The second is to provide "overcoming difficulties" financial and tax solutions for "medium-sized growth enterprises", including financial and tax consulting, high-tech consulting, tax planning, enterprise internal control, equity design, equity incentive, merger and acquisition due diligence services.The third is to provide "cost-effective" financial and tax solutions for "large enterprises", mainly providing financial process outsourcing services for large enterprises, including accounts receivable and payable outsourcing, cashier outsourcing, tax outsourcing, expense audit outsourcing, etc.

In addition to the traditional financial and tax consulting solutions, the company also provides online intelligent financial and tax services for enterprises, including intelligent financial analysis, intelligent financial risk physical examination, intelligent tax risk physical examination, capital flow analysis system, online enterprise clinic and other services. Through system and technical financial and tax solutions, the company helps enterprises control financial and tax risks and build a healthy financial and taxation system,Help enterprises to achieve sustainable and healthy development.

Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the integrity and compliance operation. On the basis of obtaining the recognition of customers and the market, the company was able to enter the new third board as the first financial and taxation professional service agency to land in the capital market, and successfully obtained two rounds of investment in Kingdee and one round of investment in gaodun education.

In order to ensure service quality and information security, the company passed IS09001 international quality system certification and ISO27001 international information security system certification for the first time in 2008, becoming the first financial and taxation professional service organization to pass the two certifications.In 2019, the company successfully passed the annual supervision and review of two major systems certification, and obtained the accreditation of ISO quality and information security management systems for ten consecutive years, which shows that the company does not forget its original intention and insists on providing high-quality services to customers.

The company has been adhering to the business philosophy of "growth comes from innovation, trust comes from professional", and is committed to helping small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve fiscal and tax health and achieve sustainable and healthy growth.

Advantages of Huacai

Industry leader
The first financial and taxation service agency landing on the new third board and the first fiscal and taxation platform providing online services
Qualification certification
It has the agency license issued by the Finance Bureau, the national high-tech enterprises, and the 5A level certification of the accounting agency of the general association of China
23 years of industry experience
300 + professional service staff, 20000 + customer service experience
ISO certification information security
Through the international ISO27001 information security management system standard certification
ISO certification standard management
Through the international ISO9001 quality management system certification
Service capability
The scope of service covers hot cities and hot areas