I made a net profit of 1 million yuan in half a year, but my friend with live delivery actually wanted to


Recently, my friend Xiao Xu, who had not been in touch for a long time, suddenly came to me and said that she was going to open a company of her own and consult me about the registration of the company.

During the conversation with her, Mr. finance and taxation learned that she made 1 million yuan by carrying goods through live broadcasting in half a year, and most of the capital of the company this time also came from live delivery. I believe that many people, like Mr. finance and taxation, will marvel at the great potential of live e-commerce when they are lemon.

In 2020, affected by the epidemic situation, many offline stores will be generally closed, and mass consumption will be moved to the online market. Live delivery with goods will become a new core scene of online shopping.According to the big data monitoring of the Ministry of Commerce, in the first quarter of 2020, there will be more than 4 million live broadcasting of e-commerce.

two thousand and twenty In 2006, 9256 live broadcasting companies were added in only half a year!

In the era of live e-commerce, if you want to be stronger and bigger, you have to start a company to replicate successfully and operate on a large scale, So how to correctly take the first step - to register a company - has become the first problem that many entrepreneurs have to solve.

Xiao Xu, like most entrepreneurs, has these puzzles when registering a company

I don't know what to do if I don't have any friends around?

After reading some professional posts of registered companies on the Internet, I was confused when I saw the process and I didn't have time. Is there any way to quickly register a company?

Considering the issue of dividends in the future, which one is better, such as registered limited company, sole proprietorship enterprise, partnership?

Did you find out?The root cause of their confusion is the lack of systematic knowledge and correct thinking of industrial and commercial registration.

As the first step of starting a business, company registration can lay a good foundation for future development only by paying attention to it.If there is no relevant experience, it is likely to lay hidden dangers for the future operation of the company. Mr. finance and taxation sorted out the relevant knowledge of company registration for you. Please mark the key points.


Materials and processes required for registered companies

1、 Registration preparation materials

1. The name of the company to be registered;

2. Registered capital;

3. Business scope of the company;

4. The company's address (copies of property certificate are required);

5. Information of all shareholders and their respective contribution proportion;

6. Appointment of legal representative, executive director / Chairman, director, supervisor and manager;

7. Articles of Association;

8. House lease contract.

2、 Five steps of registration process

1. Company name verification

Determine the company type, name, registered capital, shareholders and contribution ratio, and submit the application for name verification online. (Note: it's better to prepare three or five alternative names in case the name is not approved.)

2. Submission

After the approval, confirm the address information, senior management information and business scope, and submit the pre application online.After the online application is passed, go to the industrial and commercial bureau to submit the application materials (some cities can handle the whole process online), and then you can get the business license.

3. Engraving

By virtue of the business license and ID card, the company designated by the Public Security Bureau shall handle the official seal, financial seal, contract seal, invoice seal and legal representative seal.

4. Bank account opening

Take all the materials with you, choose a bank you trust and it is better to be close to the company, and the counter staff will handle everything for you in detail.

5. Tax treatment

Take all the materials and go to the local tax bureau for tax registration (some cities can also handle it online directly).


Matters needing attention when registering a company

In the process of company registration, there are many problems that need to be paid attention to

1、 Filling in the registered capital of the company

After the implementation of the subscription system for registered capital, the industrial and commercial authorities only register and do not require the applicant to provide a capital verification report. However, the company's articles of association still need to indicate the amount of shareholder's contribution and the time limit for the amount to be subscribed. Shareholders shall bear corresponding responsibilities according to the amount of capital contribution they have subscribed, It is necessary to fill in the registered capital reasonably and scientifically in case that the risk can not be assumed.

2、 On equity distribution

1. In the process of equity distribution, we must make sure that the core figures take the lead, and do not distribute equally.When the shareholders' decisions are inconsistent after the average distribution of shares, there is no decision maker, which is easy to lead to no decision-making. Therefore, the core figures must take the lead.

2. The number of shareholders should not be greedy.The advantage of a large number of shareholders is that when the company has debt, there are many responsible persons, and the average amount of responsibility will be reduced. However, when the number of shareholders is too large, the decision-making is more difficult to implement.For example, when the company name changes, all shareholders need to sign, when there are shareholders on business, travel, it will delay time.

3. Shareholders who have one vote of veto are important.

4. We should agree on the mechanism of equity acquisition, withdrawal and repurchase.

5. The proportion of the founder's holding option pool is reasonable, which is suggested to be 10% to 20%.

3、 After the company is registered

1. Bank account opening.

2. Book entry tax returns.

3. The company opens an account for social security and pays social security on time.

4. Application Tax control And invoice (tax controller is also called tax disk, tax control panel)

5. Enterprise annual report;Note: if an enterprise fails to file tax returns for more than three years, it will be included in the "blacklist" of serious illegal enterprises.After being included in the abnormal list, the enterprise will not be able to change, cancel or transfer shares. When cooperating with foreign countries, the public can check the abnormal situation of the company at any time.At the same time, administrative restrictions are imposed on legal persons and senior executives.

4、 Preferential policies for company registration

1. In some areas, there will be tax incentives and incentives for newly registered companies.For example, Horgos registered financial, film and television companies have a preferential policy of five reductions and five exemptions.

2. Local governments launch supportive policies, such as industrial parks, science and technology parks, incubators and other registered companies, which are both economical and affordable.

3. Different industries have different policies.Such as high-tech industry, new energy, etc.

5、 If the company does not intend to operate after registration, the company should be cancelled in time

If a company is registered and does not operate, the tax authorities will blackmail the company in a few months, and the industrial and commercial department will revoke the company after a long time. The revocation will not only make the company itself, but also its legal representative, enter the blacklist of enterprise credit.


Professional things are left to professional people

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