Beijing agent company enters Huacai to discuss industry innovation management


On March 11, the exchange meeting of Beijing accounting agency co sponsored by Huacai accounting and Kingdee accounting was held in Beijing headquarters of Huacai accounting company.

Beijing representative company and his party personally experienced the operation and management of Huacai accounting and corporate culture, and conducted in-depth exchanges on industry trends, operation management innovation, service upgrading, etc.

Under the epidemic situation, the agency is facing further upgrading and transformation, which puts forward higher requirements for accounting operation management innovation.

Hu Yunpeng, assistant to the president of Huacai accounting and general manager of the school enterprise cooperation department, shared the innovation process reengineering of Huacai accounting's first-ever agency in China, and standardizing the whole process of account agency operation,

Clear job division, clear personnel assessment and reward mechanism, improve accounting professional ability and work level, reduce enterprise human cost, and realize cost reduction and efficiency increase.

At the exchange meeting, Zha Rui, assistant to the president of Huacai accounting and general manager of Huacai alliance, said that scientific and technological innovation was accelerating the industrial upgrading and service upgrading of the agent account industry,

Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, how to make use of technological progress to effectively solve the problems in the process of enterprise finance and taxation operation, reduce cost and increase efficiency through automation and intelligent means is the demand point of enterprises.

Zarui fully shared and exchanged with the participants on the pain points of the development of the agency industry, the value innovation of the agency, the operation and management of the agency company, sales management, all staff marketing, and accounting factory standardization.

Yu kunlu, development manager of Huacai alliance, introduced the member products of Huacai alliance.

Members of Huacai alliance are one of the members of Huacai alliance system. Through online and offline training, finance and tax empowerment, Huacai alliance will ultimately achieve front-end customer acquisition, process reengineering and internal improvement.

In 2021, Huacai accounting will continue to explore and adjust the enabling products and service system of Huacai alliance, and integrate more products, services, resources, technology platforms and service platforms,

We are committed to providing better empowerment and support for the partners of Huacai alliance, so as to achieve co creation, sharing and win-win cooperation.

On the same day, the delegation of Beijing area agency company visited Huacai accounting company,

Yu kunlu, the development manager of Huacai alliance, introduced Huacai accounting's service network, development history, honorary awards, full line business, professional delivery and successful cases.

Since the establishment of Huacai alliance,

Through the s2b2c development model, we will inject resources such as brand, product, service standard, platform, process control, customer acquisition and other resources to the members of the alliance system, build a financial and taxation ecosystem with empowerment as the core, and improve the construction and professional ability of the agent company.

After several years of development, the Huacai alliance has held and participated in nearly 1000 industry associations, industry empowerment activities, government docking meetings, and practical training meetings, providing lectures for 50000 + accounting agencies and 100000 + participants,

To enhance the standardized service and create high-value agency for the account agency, establish a standardized operation process, and promote the innovation and development of the industry.

Advantages of Huacai

Industry leader
The first financial and taxation service agency landing on the new third board and the first fiscal and taxation platform providing online services
Qualification certification
It has the agency license issued by the Finance Bureau, the national high-tech enterprises, and the 5A level certification of the accounting agency of the general association of China
23 years of industry experience
300 + professional service staff, 20000 + customer service experience
ISO certification information security
Through the international ISO27001 information security management system standard certification
ISO certification standard management
Through the international ISO9001 quality management system certification
Service capability
The scope of service covers hot cities and hot areas