Wang Jiuli, chairman of Huacai accounting, was invited to attend the "digital empowerment conference of Finance and taxation service industry"


On March 27, 2021, the "reconstruction of digital combat effectiveness - Digital empowerment conference of financial and taxation service industry" was successfully held in Shenzhen

Several authoritative experts, 300 + industry elites gathered together to interpret the new trend of the industry and explore the way to build digital combat power in the financial and tax service industry. Wang Jiuli, chairman of Huacai accounting, was invited to attend the meeting and gave a keynote speech on "growth against the trend, innovation and reform of Huacai accounting".

Looking back on 2020, facing the epidemic situation, Huacai has turned crisis into opportunity, and its revenue and profit have increased year on year.There are four supporting factors that can make such achievements

First, the technology system reserve allows employees and customers to be online.The technical system reserve enables employees to quickly adapt to work in the home system, work task allocation and online completion of the system, Online finance and taxation training content and online marketing are completed online, and customer service results are delivered online.

Second, it is, Capital reserve, cash flow and financing fund reserve of the company, So that the company can be in the short-term business under the impact of the situation, stable operation.

Third, it is, Business reserves, more than 20 years of deep cultivation in the field of financial and tax service customer accumulation, to maintain the company's business stability.

Fourth, it is, Customer reserve, the company's large and medium-sized diversified customer group structure, greatly improved the company's ability to resist risks.

Under the normal situation of epidemic prevention and control, chairman Wang Jiuli of Huacai accounting has three judgments: First, in the post epidemic era, it is normal for customers and employees to be online and remote.Second, with the support of national policies such as tax reduction and fee reduction, it is conducive to the development of insurance entities, especially small and micro enterprises.This part of the long tail market of small and micro enterprises served by financial and taxation institutions will maintain sustained growth.Third, it is, In the era of digital economy, financial and taxation institutions need to "grasp both" professional services and new value growth points.

In the rapidly changing market, financial and tax institutions need to see "change" and "unchanged"."Unchanging" is the customer's demand for financial and tax services, "changing" is the change of business model, profit model and working scene of the enterprise. Wang Jiuli, chairman of Huacai accounting, believes that in response to this change, financial and tax service organizations need to upgrade their business from three aspects: product upgrading, service upgrading and value upgrading.

Huacai accounting adheres to continuous innovation, and uses digital tools and platforms to assist enterprises in digital transformation and upgrading. On the basis of the original financial and taxation professional services, the company explores the access to the finance and tax service sharing platform and technology, and provides customers with the combination of "financial and taxation professional services + financial and taxation system platform", so as to improve service efficiency and enhance value creation ability.

Wang Jiuli, chairman of Huacai accounting, believes that the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises need "four forces", namely internal power, external pressure, technical thrust and capital assistance. The path of digital transformation and upgrading of financial and taxation service institutions is: to use new tools to rebuild new processes, to create new customer experience and to create new value. At the same time, in the current open business ecology, the industry ushers in a new situation of competition and cooperation of sharing tools, sharing resources and win-win cooperation.

Huacai has been adhering to the business philosophy of "growth comes from innovation, and trust comes from specialty". It explores the combination of "financial and taxation professional service + system platform", empowers peers and builds ecology, The establishment of financial and tax service network is committed to helping small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve fiscal and tax health and achieve sustainable and healthy growth.

Advantages of Huacai

Industry leader
The first financial and taxation service agency landing on the new third board and the first fiscal and taxation platform providing online services
Qualification certification
It has the agency license issued by the Finance Bureau, the national high-tech enterprises, and the 5A level certification of the accounting agency of the general association of China
23 years of industry experience
300 + professional service staff, 20000 + customer service experience
ISO certification information security
Through the international ISO27001 information security management system standard certification
ISO certification standard management
Through the international ISO9001 quality management system certification
Service capability
The scope of service covers hot cities and hot areas