congratulations!R & D expenses of manufacturing industry are deducted!Tax reduction and preferential intensity of the enterprise income tax deduction policy before tax!


Here comes the official document!  R & D expenses of manufacturing industry are deducted!

Ministry of finance, State Administration of Taxation

On further improvement

Announcement on pre Tax Deduction Policy of R & D expenses

Announcement of the State Administration of Taxation of the Ministry of Finance No.3, 2021

In order to further encourage enterprises to increase R & D investment and support scientific and technological innovation, relevant issues concerning the policy of pre tax deduction of enterprise R & D expenses are announced as follows:

1、 If the R & D expenses actually incurred in R & D activities of manufacturing enterprises do not form intangible assets and are included in the current profits and losses, they shall be deducted before tax according to the actual amount on the basis of deduction according to regulations from January 1, 2021;If intangible assets are formed, they shall be amortized before tax at 200% of the cost of intangible assets from January 1, 2021.

The term "manufacturing enterprise" as mentioned in this article refers to an enterprise whose main business is manufacturing business and enjoys preferential treatment. The proportion of its main business income in the total income in the current year reaches more than 50%.The scope of manufacturing industry shall be determined according to the classification of national economic sectors (GB / T 4574-2017). If the relevant national departments update the industrial classification of national economy, the relevant provisions shall be followed.The total income (Note: not the sum of various incomes in the income statement) shall be implemented in accordance with Article 6 of the enterprise income tax law.

2 Enterprises (Note: not limited to the manufacturing industry, all qualified enterprises can) prepay the enterprise income tax in the third quarter (quarterly prepayment) or September (monthly prepayment) of the reporting year, You can choose your own time R & D expenses in the first half of the year are subject to additional deduction The preferential policy adopts the way of "self judgment, declaration and enjoyment, and retention of relevant data for future reference".

Enterprises that meet the requirements can calculate the amount of additional deduction by themselves and fill in the "monthly (quarterly) prepayment tax return of the people's Republic of China for enterprise income tax (Class A)", and enjoy the tax preference, According to the R & D expenses (the first half of the year), fill in the "R & D expenses plus deduction preferential list" (a107012)《The detailed list of R & D expenses plus deduction (a107012) shall be kept together with other materials stipulated in relevant policies for future reference.

If an enterprise does not choose to enjoy the preferential policy of additional deduction of R & D expenses when applying for the third quarter or September, it can be uniformly enjoyed in the next year.

3、 According to the notice of the Ministry of finance, the State Administration of Taxation and the Ministry of science and technology of the State Administration of Taxation on improving the pre Tax Deduction Policy for R & D expenses (CS [2015] No. 119), andThe notice of the Ministry of finance, the State Administration of Taxation and the Ministry of science and technology on relevant policy issues concerning pre tax deduction of overseas R & D expenses entrusted by enterprises (CS [2018] No. 64) shall be implemented.

4、 This announcement shall be implemented as of January 1, 2021.

It is hereby announced.

treasury department State Administration of Taxation

31 March 2021

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