Come on!Dalian financial company tells you that enterprises that employ female employees may enjoy more tax benefits


Not long ago, the state issued a three child policy, and there were many objections.Today, we will invite Mr. Zhang Haitao to interpret this issue.

In accordance with the provisions of the special provisions on labor protection for female employees (Order No. 619 of the State Council, hereinafter referred to as "No. 619 document"):

Employees enjoy 98 days of maternity leave;15 days of maternity leave was increased for dystocia;Female employees who miscarry within 4 months of pregnancy can enjoy 15 days of maternity leave;Abortion after 4 months of pregnancy can enjoy 42 days of maternity leave.

With the opening of the three child policy, employers will face more tangled choices in recruiting female employees.

Under the "one child" policy, female employees usually take maternity leave only once, which can be tolerated by enterprises.Under the "three child" policy, it means that every female employee of child-bearing age is likely to face the dilemma of "taking three maternity leave" or even more maternity leave in the future.

According to the provisions of No. 619 document, the maternity allowance for female employees during maternity leave shall be paid by the maternity insurance fund according to the average monthly wage of employees in the previous year;Those who have not participated in maternity insurance shall be paid by the employing unit according to the wage standard before maternity leave of female employees.

Under the background that many private enterprises do not pay social security for their employees according to the actual situation (usually the payment base will be lower than the wage base of employees), the maternity allowance obtained by employees during the vacation period is only a part of their wages, and the difference still needs to be paid by the employing unit.

Therefore, in this sense, during the maternity leave of female employees, the employer's labor costs for female employees on leave are actually increased (although these costs should have been borne by the employer).

If the company needs to employ new employees or labor (business) outsourcing expenses due to the employee's maternity leave, the company's labor cost will increase more.

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