The enterprise is about to write off, and there are 500000 yuan of inventory on the book. How to deal with it?


Question 1

The enterprise is about to write off, and there are 500000 yuan of inventory on the book. How to deal with it?Can I sell it at a low price?If the price is sold at a low price, is it determined by the tax bureau that the price is obviously low and then determine the taxable sales amount?

A: Yes.

Accounting treatment of general taxpayers' sales:

Debit: bank deposit  113000 yuan     

Credit: main business income  100000 yuan          

Tax payable VAT output tax 13000 yuan

Accounting treatment of carrying forward cost:

Debit: the main business cost is 500000 yuan     

Credit: goods in stock     500000 yuan

When an enterprise deals with temporary goods or sells goods at a reduced price due to paying off debts, changing production or closing down business, it can be generally regarded as selling at a low price with reasonable reasons.

Question 2

The registered capital of our company is 5 million yuan. If the company wants to cancel, does the shareholder have to make up the registered capital?

A: (1) if your company has no external debt, the company will not be involved in debt repayment. Therefore, shareholders do not need to make up the capital they have subscribed for and apply for cancellation directly;

(2) If your company has external debts, due to the company's debt repayment problem, when the company's existing assets are not enough to repay the debt, shareholders need to supplement the registered capital to repay the foreign debt.

Question 3

Our company has an account payable - Shanghai XX science and Technology Co., Ltd., with an amount of 23000 yuan. Since the other company has already written off, will you need to pay enterprise income tax after verification to non business income?

A: the accounts payable that are really unable to be paid should be transferred to "non business income" to pay enterprise income tax.

Accounting Treatment
Accounting treatment of write off accounts payable:

Debit: accounts payable - Shanghai Xinda Technology Co., Ltd. 23000 yuan

Credit: non operating income             23000 yuan

Question 4

Our company is ready to write off immediately. There is still 8 million yuan of inventory on the book. In fact, this is a problem left over before. There is no inventory for a long time. How to deal with these inventory is more tax saving?

A: there are two ways: sell or scrap.

(1) Loss of assets

1.1. Inventory scrapping refers to the inventory scrapping caused by abnormal loss. Abnormal loss refers to theft, loss, mildew and deterioration caused by poor management.

1.2. Inventory impairment, identified as defective products, is handled through the asset impairment loss account.

1.3. Inventory overdue clearance, set the inventory warranty period, overdue can be cleared.

1.4. Inventory loss shall be handled through the property loss and excess account to be handled.

(2) This scheme is to reduce the unit price and increase the quantity in case of false invoice or real transaction, resulting in value-added tax (if there is input tax deduction, it also saves tax). If the enterprise has no loss, it does not need to pay income tax.But it is not recommended.

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