The quarterly tax exemption for small-scale taxpayers is 450000 yuan!Pay attention to these two points in determining sales volume!


In order to further support the development of small and micro enterprises, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation recently jointly issued the announcement on clarifying the VAT exemption policy for small-scale VAT taxpayers (Announcement No. 1, 2021) of the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of taxation. It is clear that from April 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022, small-scale VAT taxpayers with monthly sales of less than 150000 yuan (including capital) will be exempted from VAT.

In order to facilitate taxpayers to accurately understand and enjoy relevant policies, the State Administration of Taxation simultaneously issued the announcement on the exemption of small-scale taxpayers from VAT collection and Administration (SAT Announcement No. 5 in 2021) to interpret the relevant issues.

Q: After the standard of monthly sales at the starting point of small-scale taxpayers has been raised, has the implementation caliber of sales changed?

A: No change. There are two main points for taxpayers to determine sales volume First, the sales volume is calculated by all VAT taxable sales activities (including sales of goods, services, services, intangible assets and real estate) to determine whether they meet the tax-free standard.

However, in order to eliminate the impact of accidental real estate sales business and make taxpayers more fully enjoy the policy, this announcement specifies that the total monthly sales volume of small-scale taxpayers exceeds 150000 yuan (if one quarter is a tax period, the quarterly sales volume does not exceed 450000 yuan, the same below), but after deducting the sales amount of real estate sales occurred in the current period, the sales of goods, goods, goods and other goods of small-scale taxpayers are not more than 150000 yuanSales of services, services and intangible assets can also enjoy the tax exemption policy for small-scale taxpayers.  

Second, if the VAT differential tax policy is applicable, the balance after the difference is taken as the sales amount to determine whether it can enjoy the tax exemption policy for small-scale taxpayers.

Take a chestnut In April 2021, the small-scale taxpayer a reported quarterly sold 100000 yuan of goods and 400000 yuan of income from providing construction services in May. At the same time, it paid 120000 yuan of subcontract payment to other construction enterprises, and sold 2 million yuan of real estate in June.

In the second quarter of 2021 (from April to June), the total sales of small-scale taxpayer a after the difference is 2.38 million yuan (= 10 + 40-12 + 200), which is more than 450000 yuan. However, after deducting 2 million yuan of real estate, the sales amount after the difference is 380000 Yuan (= 10 + 40-12), no more than 450000 yuan, and can enjoy the tax exemption policy for small-scale taxpayers.At the same time, taxpayers who sell real estate of 2 million yuan should pay tax according to law.

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