How to issue VAT electronic special invoice?Master the relevant operation


01 invoice online distribution

After applying for the VAT electronic special invoice, it needs to be distributed to the tax ukey before it can be used.Through the "invoice management / invoice collection and purchase management / invoice online distribution" module in the invoice software, all the UN distributed and to be distributed online invoices of the taxpayer can be queried, and the invoice inventory information in tax ukey can be displayed.

02 invoice issue

Click "invoice management / positive invoice filling and issuing", select the VAT electronic special invoice, enter the invoice filling and opening interface, fill in the invoice information to issue.The buyer's name, goods or taxable service name can be double-click to select the set information. Through "system settings / basic code settings / customer code (custom goods and services code)", common customer and goods service codes can be set to improve the billing efficiency.

03 issue of red ink invoice

In case of sales return, wrong invoice and termination of taxable service, negative invoice shall be issued for offset.First of all, the buyer or seller can fill out and upload the red ink information form through "invoice management / red letter information form / VAT special invoice red letter information form". After the system prompts "approved", query the negative VAT electronic special invoice information to be issued in the "invoice management / red letter information table / VAT special invoice red letter information table query", and in the corresponding red letterAfter the invoice information table, click "enter issuing" to issue the VAT electronic special red ink invoice.

04 delivery of invoice

After the VAT electronic special invoice is issued, it can be delivered to the drawee by two-dimensional code and email according to the system prompt.If the drawee loses the VAT electronic special invoice, it can check and download it on the national VAT invoice inspection platform (HTTPS: / / inv veri. Chinaax. through the information indicated on the paper print.If the paper print is also lost, the invoice issuing party can query the issued VAT electronic special invoice through "invoice management / invoice query management / issued invoice query", and provide it to the invoice recipient by downloading the invoice, obtaining the two-dimensional code and sending the e-mail.

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