Zheng Shuang is under investigation!A fine of up to


Just now, Zheng Shuang was put on file for investigation on suspicion of signing yin-yang contract and tax evasion!

News comments: "Learning art first, learning morality, acting first" If you can't be a law-abiding citizen, it will be cool if you try the law.Hot search on microblog again!

Subsequently, Zheng Shuang officially responded: The tax department is already verifying all kinds of contracts , willing to accept and cooperate with the investigation.

So Zheng Shuang to the end How much tax have you evaded? Zheng Shuang may What are the other violations? How will Zheng Shuang end?need How much is the fine for making up the tax? whether Facing criminal punishment? Let's see!


Zheng Shuang is under investigation!
Tax, radio and television departments are out!

According to news reports, online reports have recently revealed that entertainer Zheng Shuang is suspected of signing a "yin yang contract", splitting his income to obtain "skyrocketing film pay" and tax evasion.

In the early stage, the masses reported Zheng Shuang's suspected tax evasion, The Inspection Bureau of Shanghai Taxation Bureau has accepted it We are conducting investigation and verification in accordance with tax laws and regulations. Beijing Radio, film and Television Bureau has launched an investigation into the production cost of relevant plays and the proportion of actors' remuneration.

The tax and radio and television administration departments will conscientiously implement the relevant notification requirements of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, the State Administration of Taxation and the State Administration of radio, film and television, and strictly investigate violations of laws and regulations, We will resolutely investigate and deal with the problems of "yin yang contract", "skyrocketing film pay" and tax evasion, strictly control the proportion of production cost and actor's remuneration in the production cost of TV drama To create a good environment for the high-quality development of TV drama industry.

News comments on microblog: He who evades taxes must be cool With an average daily salary of 2.08 million yuan, netizens are not only concerned about the abnormally high film pay, but also about the legitimacy of the way forward.The investigation by the regulatory authorities in accordance with the law can not only restore the truth, but also protect the dignity of the law. "Learning art first, learning morality, acting first" If you can't be a law-abiding citizen, it will be cool if you try the law.Sign a "yin yang contract" which is prohibited by regulations;Tax evasion is not allowed by law.Only by rectifying the chaos of the industry and returning to the track of rule of law can the film and television industry develop healthily.


How much tax did Zheng Shuang evade?

To calculate how much tax Zheng Shuang has evaded, we can calculate the amount of tax evaded according to [Zheng Shuang should pay tax according to normal circumstances] - [actual tax paid by Zheng Shuang] = [tax evasion amount]

1. Zheng Shuang should pay taxes in accordance with normal circumstances

2. Zheng Shuang actually paid taxes

3. Amount of tax evasion

[tax evasion amount] = [tax payable by Zheng Shuang under normal circumstances] - actual tax paid by Zheng Shuang] = 51193000-7701000= 43492000 yuan

Through the above calculation, we can roughly calculate the possible amount of tax evasion of Zheng Shuang 43 million 492 thousand This is only a part of what has been revealed by Zhang Heng, We don't know if there are any other pay cases If the evidence is conclusive, what will Zheng Shuang face?


Netizen: is that 160 million?
I can not eat or drink for more than 2000 years!

A daily salary of 2.08 million and a film of 160 million. What is the concept? Not only is it hard to imagine that even the small editor, the talented netizens have worked out the naked heart piercing truth!

Suppose you earn 5000 a month, 60000 a year.
It will take 2666.67 years to earn 160 million.
You need to start from 645 BC
That is to say, since the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, we have not eaten or drunk until today.

How about a monthly salary of tens of thousands,

One year's salary is equal to Zheng Shuang's 28 minutes' work

Netizens said that they have never seen so many tombs,

You can't afford a dime of 160 million

I began to imagine a life with a daily salary of more than 2 million yuan,

Unfortunately, poverty limits imagination

Be more precise, not to mention the daily salary of 2.08 million,

Even if it's a fraction - 80000 a day,
I dare not think of it!

According to the description of Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng, Zheng Shuang has an average daily average of 2.08 million, The annual income is 640 million yuan.The unit of measurement is 1 Shuang = 640 million How much is it to estimate the annual income of large factories?

Let's take a look at the project funding of well-known universities representing academic research, All schools are less than "cool" Among them, the project funding of Tsinghua University is only equal to the remuneration of a bad film.

If we say that the sky high salary is still "one willing to fight, another willing to get", However, Zhang Heng exposed the problems of "yin yang contract" and "tax evasion" But it's not something that can be fooled by "public relations" in the past


The possible outcome of Zheng Shuang?

1、 How much tax, late fee and fine should be paid?

According to our calculation above, Zheng Shuang has evaded 43.492 million taxes through some operations of Shuang ma. If the evidence of tax evasion is confirmed, Zheng Shuang will face the challenge of tax evasion Supplementary tax payment Tax overdue fine and fine

late fee =Overdue tax×Overdue days×Late fee addition rate
=43492000×six hundred×0.5‰= 13047600 yuan

The fine is usually 1-5 times fine At that time, fan's punishment multiple was 4 times, so we will calculate it according to 4 times: 43492000×4= RMB 173968000

Therefore, how much tax has Zheng Shuang paid in total + overdue fine + fine
=43492000+13047600+173968000= two hundred and thirty million five hundred and seven thousand and six hundred

Through the calculation above us, Zheng Shuang has to pay 230 million If the tax bureau issues a tax payment notice and fails to complete it on time, Zheng Shuang may still go to prison.

2、 Do you face criminal responsibility?

At present, the national policy is: when stars have the behavior of tax evasion, Make up the tax is the step The second step is to recover the overdue fine and fine Criminal punishment is the third step, Therefore, what kind of punishment Zheng Shuang will receive depends on whether she is a "first offender.".

From a legal point of view, it is the first time that a first offender has been found by the relevant departments. For example, Zheng Shuang has evaded taxes for 10 times, but this is the first time she has been found by the relevant departments. Then this is the first time that she has been found

Secondly, in Zhang Heng's video, he also mentioned Zheng Shuang falsifies the air ticket reimbursement, drinks in the supermarket does not pay the bill and so on

If the ticket is fake from the beginning to the end, and even the seal is engraved by yourself, it will be a big deal, May constitute a separate offence If you just buy an invoice tax credit, or a purchase screenshot, then things won't be too big.

As for Zheng Shuang's behavior of leaving the supermarket without paying the bill after drinking, it can be understood as theft. The behavior is theft, which does not change the nature, but may have a small amount of money, It does not constitute criminal liability.

3、 Will skyrocketing film pay be punished by the "radio and Television Law"?

According to the regulations, the total remuneration of TV drama actors shall not exceed 40% of the total production cost, and the remuneration of main actors shall not exceed 70% of the total production cost.

According to the common sense estimate, Zheng Shuang's 160 million film rate is not in line with the regulations. From this point of view, both the dramatist and Zheng Shuang have the meaning of "committing crimes against the wind".

At present, when reporting radio and TV works, the cost allocation proportion of film and television plays must be submitted, including the total investment, the proportion of total film remuneration to the total investment, the remuneration of leading actors, and the proportion of the remuneration of leading actors in the total remuneration. More importantly, "star salary limit" has been written into the "radio and Television Law (Draft)".

Article 65 of the radio and Television Law (Draft for comments) stipulates that if the distribution of TV dramas without a distribution license is issued, or if the production of radio and television programs does not meet the remuneration standards and allocation ratio of relevant national creators, the competent authorities may order them to stop and impose penalties. A fine of more than one time and less than five times of the illegal income or a fine of 200000-1000000 shall be imposed.If the circumstances are serious, they may be "banned" from working for one to five years.

Although the "radio and Television Law (Draft)" has not yet been formally implemented, the relevant documents of the Central Propaganda Department have also clearly stipulated the proportion of film pay allocation. Zheng Shuang also needs to accept the ban or punishment from the industry.

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