Small, medium and micro enterprises are good!In the fourth quarter of 2021, the income tax and value-added tax of small and medium-sized enterprises will be deferred


On the 27th, Premier Li Keqiang presided over the executive meeting of the State Council, We will implement phased tax deferred measures for small, medium and micro enterprises in the manufacturing industry, and further strengthen the efforts to help them out ;We have decided to extend the preferential tax policy for foreign investors to invest in the domestic bond market, promote opening up and attract foreign investment.

Feng qiaobin, Vice Minister of the macroeconomic Department of the State Council Research Center, said that the policies decided at the meeting could be realized "Accurate power" To accurately resolve the small and medium-sized and micro enterprises affected by the recent rise in commodity prices and those affected by Evergrande crisis real estate The dilemma faced by enterprises in dollar debt.

The meeting decided, yes In the fourth quarter of this year, the enterprise income tax, value-added tax, consumption tax and the urban construction and maintenance tax attached to the small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, as well as the individual income tax (excluding the individual income tax withheld and remitted) paid by individual businesses, sole proprietorship and partnership enterprises will be deferred.
Among them, for manufacturing small and micro enterprises (including individual businesses) whose annual sales revenue is less than 20 million yuan, the tax is deferred; For medium-sized manufacturing enterprises with an annual sales revenue of 20 million yuan to 400 million yuan, 50% of the tax can be postponed. Enterprises with special difficulties can apply for tax postponement according to law. The tax postponement will be implemented from November 1 this year to the end of the declaration in January next year. It is expected that the tax relief for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises will be about 200 billion yuan.Besides, In order to relieve the operating difficulties of enterprises without electricity and heating, the tax payment realized in the fourth quarter of this year was postponed It is estimated that the total amount of tax deferred is about 17 billion yuan.The delay time of the above tax deferment measures is 3 months.

This tax relief is equivalent to an interest free loan from the state to small and micro enterprises, which has won more time for many small and micro enterprises with greater business pressure to ease their survival pressure.

Li Xuhong, director of the Institute of fiscal policy and application of Beijing National Accounting Institute, said in an interview with Shanghai Securities News that the implementation of continuous tax reduction and fee reduction for small and medium-sized enterprises in the manufacturing industry is based on cross cycle adjustment. Due to the large scope and amount of deferred payment, it is a major benefit for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises.

She stressed in particular that,"The scope of deferred payment has been extended to medium-sized manufacturing enterprises. In a sense, on the basis of tax reduction and fee reduction for small and micro enterprises, China will further benefit medium-sized enterprises through tax reduction and fee reduction policy. This is a practical approach. Medium sized manufacturing enterprises are facing difficulties in cost burden in the process of transformation. This is conducive to stabilityIt is of great significance to promote the transformation and high-quality development of China's economy. "

The theme of the national Standing Committee once again focused on small and medium-sized enterprises. This is the third time since October that the national Standing Committee has deployed to support small and medium-sized enterprises.From the establishment of Beijing stock exchange to the deployment and support of small and micro enterprises, the state has been supporting the development and healthy growth of small and micro enterprises.It is believed that in the future, under the continuous leadership of the state, small and medium-sized enterprises will develop more vigorously.

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