• Covering the whole country + basic services + value-added services to meet the personalized needs of different industries and enterprises.

  • Fast three days available, national address optional, multiple types of companies, progress of mobile phone follow-up.

  • The company has a strong team of experts in business, finance, taxation and law to provide all-round services for enterprises.

  • Sign out quickly to save your worries.25 years of experience, the whole process agency, save time and effort.

  • Optimize financial process and reduce management cost. Huacai provides financial outsourcing solutions for you.

  • High tech enterprise identification, safe tax planning.Tax relief, state subsidies, government support.

  • Network culture business license, road transportation business license, food and beverage, environmental impact assessment, health products, medical equipment qualification, radio and television program production license.

  • Consultation and solutions to other financial and taxation issues

Beijing Huacai accounting Co., Ltd

Beijing Huacai Accounting Co. LTD

Beijing Huacai accounting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huacai Accounting) was founded in 1996 and successfully listed on the new third board (Stock Code: 830769) in June 2014. It is the first financial and taxation service institution landing on the new third board and a leading one-stop professional financial and taxation service platform in China.Huacai has integrated one-stop financial and taxation services, such as entrepreneurship service, bookkeeping agency, financial and taxation consultation, tax planning, financial outsourcing, financing, taxation and listing consultation. It has successfully served customers in information technology, e-commerce, biomedicine, cultural creativity, finance, energy, manufacturing, chemical industry, aviation, real estate and other industriesIt has set up 20 branches and joint ventures in Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Guangzhou.Huacai accounting integrates rich professional experience and advanced IT technology. Relying on the Internet, it integrates the dual advantages of specialization and remoteness. It has created an innovative service mode in China, which is "convenient communication and coordination, customized professional services", and transcends the time and geographical constraints. It has realized the digitization of information exchange, remote data transmission, virtualization of workplace, and so onProcess management standardization, thus greatly improving the efficiency of financial services.

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Advantages of Huacai

Industry leader
The first financial and taxation service agency landing on the new third board and the first fiscal and taxation platform providing online services
Qualification certification
It has the agency license issued by the Finance Bureau, the national high-tech enterprises, and the 5A level certification of the accounting agency of the general association of China
23 years of industry experience
300 + professional service staff, 20000 + customer service experience
ISO certification information security
Through the international ISO27001 information security management system standard certification
ISO certification standard management
Through the international ISO9001 quality management system certification
Service capability
The scope of service covers hot cities and hot areas