conversion of a company

conversion of a company

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Domestic companies

Change of legal representative, business scope, company name, registered address in the same district and cross regional registration address

Shareholder change (corporate shareholder), equity change (natural person shareholder), increase of registered capital, decrease of registered capital, others

Foreign companies

Foreign organization structure personnel, equity change, business scope change, company name change, registered capital change, business address change in the same region, business address cross region change, authorized signer change


representative office

First generation and representative change, business term change, authorized signer change, address change


Enterprise industry and commerce change is not timely, there are hidden dangers

Entering the abnormal list, revoking the license, imposing a high fine, failing to handle the qualification certificate, and failing to deliver the court documents

  Huacai has a rich team of experts from the aspects of industry and commerce, finance, taxation and law

Solve the problems of enterprises and ensure the health of enterprises' finance and taxation

Information required for company change

1. Copy of ID card of legal person

2. Original copy of business license

3. Official seal, private seal

4. Other materials required by the Administration for Industry and commerce

5. Permit to open an account

Company change process

1. Telephone consultation and matching service

2. Contract signing and data collection

3. Material submission and business handling

4. Get a new license

You may also need

 Accounting and tax declaration, company cancellation, trademark registration, qualification certificate processing, high-tech identification, chain enterprises, tax planning, policy tax saving

social responsibility

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Frequently asked questions about changes


Q: change of social security and provident fund information

A: the account opening information of social security and provident fund also needs to be changed. Otherwise, it will affect the normal payment of social security and provident fund of the company, resulting in problems such as payment interruption.


Q: should other qualification records be changed?

A: Yes, for example, ICP business license, network culture business license, etc. any change in the record information needs to be changed.


Q: why change bank account information?

A: after the company information is changed, the basic bank account information needs to be changed immediately, otherwise, the normal income and expenditure of the enterprise will be affected because the company name is inconsistent with the bank information. For the sake of safety, it is generally recommended that the company handle it by itself.


Q: How to deal with the transfer of the company's equity if its corporate shareholder's license is revoked?

A: The liquidation group of the revoked company shall exercise its rights on behalf of the corporate shareholders and handle the equity transfer of the company.


Q; What should be changed after equity transfer

A: The tax department changes the corresponding tax and bank units.

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